Our Faculty & Staff Directory

*For general inquiries, please contact our main line at 336.723.0371


Administrative Office

Name Title Phone Number
Dr. Janet N. Spriggs President 336.734.7201
Mr. Bill Green Executive Director of Development and the Forsyth Tech Foundation 336.734.7520
Dr. Jewel B. Cherry Vice President, Student Services 336.734.7297
Dr. Rachel M. Desmarais Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer 336.734.7175
Ms. Wendy R. Emerson Vice President, Business Services 336.734.7540
Dr. Alan Murdock Vice President, Economic & Workforce Development 336.734.7757
Mr. Kevin Osborne Executive Director of Institutional Research and Decision Support 336.734.7369
Mr. Chris Pearce Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Services 336.734.7570
Ms. Anna Marie Smith Associate Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer 336.757.3654
Dr. Joel D. Welch Vice President, Instructional Services 336.734.7182


Name Title Phone Number
Ms. Sharon D. Anderson Dean, Community & Economic Development Programs 336.734.7735
Dr. Torry Reynolds Interim Dean, Math, Science and Technologies Division 336.734.7478
Ms. Anu Williams Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences Division 336.734.7251
Ms. Kristie Hendrix Senior Director, Off-Campus Centers 336.734.7051
Mr. J. Randel Candelaria Dean, Learning Resources 336.734.7216
Dr. Sydney Richardson Dean, College & Career Readiness 336.734.7764
Mr. Wesley D. Hutchins Dean, Emergency Services Programs 336.734.7769
Vacant Dean, Engineering Technologies Division 336.734.7313
Mr. Allan Younger Director, Small Business Center 336.757.3804
Ms. Melanie Nuckols Dean, Financial Services 336.734.7332
Ms. Linda Latham Dean, Health Technologies Division 336.734.7412
Ms. Kimberly Bryant Director, Educational Partnerships 336.734.7236
Ms. Sally Elliott Director, Stokes County Operations 336.593.5402
Ms. Pamela Shortt Dean, Business and Information Technologies Division 336.734.7224
Ms. Kirsten R. Bates Director, Transportation Technology Center 336.757.3396
Vacant Director, Grady Swisher Center 336.734.7901
Vacant Director, Mazie Woodruff Center 336.734.7953
Ms. Jennifer Coulombe Dean, Business & Industry Services 336.734.7723
Mr. James Cook Dean, Center for Transformative Learning 336.734.7311