Our Faculty & Staff Directory

*For general inquiries, please contact our main line at 336.723.0371


Executive Leadership Team

Dr. Janet Spriggs President, Forsyth Tech Community College 336-734-7201
Dr. Jewel Cherry Vice President of Equity and Educational Support Services 336-734-7297
Ms. Jennifer Coulombe Associate Vice President, Business Partnerships and Process Improvement 336-734-7957
Dr. James Cook Associate Vice President, Transformative Learning 336-734-7311
Ms. Paula Dibley Associate Vice President, Marketing & Recruiting 336-734-7151
Mr. Bill Green Vice President for Community Engagement & Executive Director for the Foundation 336-734-7520
Ms. Kizzy Lea Vice President for Business Services & Chief Financial Officer 336-734-7540
Dr. Alan Murdock Vice President for Economic & Workforce Development 336-734-7757
Dr. Kevin Osborne Vice President for Strategic Innovation & Effectiveness 336-734-7369
Mr. Chris Pearce Vice President for Information Technology Services & Chief Information Officer 336-734-7570
Ms. Masonne Sawyer Vice President for Student Success Services 336-734-7343
Ms. Anna Marie Smith Vice President for Human Resources & Administrative Services 336-757-3654
Vacant Vice President for Student Academic Success & Chief Academic Officer 336-734-7182

Deans and Executive Directors

Mr. Keith Blythe Executive Director, Purchasing and Auxiliary Services 336-734-7212
Mr. Scott Booth Executive Director, Facilities 336-734-7317
Ms. Sherri Bowen Executive Director for Administration and Board Liaison 336-734-7200
Mr. Joshua Burcham Dean, Community & Workforce Development 336-734-7714
Mr. Randy Candelaria Dean, Learning Resources 336-734-7311
Mr. John Carstens Dean, Engineering Technologies 336-734-7313
Ms. Michelle Dancho Executive Director, Divisional Operations and Support Services 336-757-3710
Ms. Kristie Hendrix Executive Director, Off-Campus Centers 336-734-7051
Mr. Wesley Hutchins Dean, Health and Emergency Programs 336-757-3053
Ms. Kesa Jessup Executive Director, Enrollment Services 336-757-3671
Dr. Linda Latham Dean, Health Technologies 336-734-7412
Mr. Kevin McCann Executive Director, Information Technology Services 336-757-3610
Vacant Executive Director, Financial Services 336-734-7332
Mr. Russel Read Executive Director, National Center for the Biotechnology Workforce 336-734-7651
Dr. Torry Reynolds Dean, Math, Science & Technologies 336-734-7478
Dr. Sydney Richardson Dean, College & Career Readiness 336-734-7764
Ms. Pamela Shortt Dean, Business & Information Technologies 336-734-7224
Dr. Stacy Waters-Bailey Executive Director, Student Support Services 336-757-3852
Ms. Anu Williams Dean, Humanities & Social Sciences 336-734-7251