Agreeing To Agree

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In August, the North Carolina Community College System and North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities opened up new pathways of opportunity for community college students. They were joined by 22 of the state’s 36 independent colleges and universities in signing the Independent Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (ICAA), which increases access for community college students at institutions of higher education in the state.

“In the past, most transfers to independent colleges were on a school-by-school and a program-by-program basis,” explains Dr. Jewel Cherry, vice president, Student Services and interim vice president for Instructional Services. “Now, all credits are accepted by participating schools and universities.”

According to Jewel, everyone likes the new agreement. “It was not a difficult process for us to work with the independents,” she says. “They were happy to adopt the agreement.”

And, as it should be, those who are benefiting most from this agreement are the students. To see a complete list of the independent colleges and universities who have signed this agreement, visit