Admissions Procedures For International Students

All completed application forms and documents must be submitted directly to:

OR mailed to: Forsyth Tech Admissions and Records Office
2100 Silas Creek Parkway
Winston-Salem, NC 27103-5197
Phone: 336.734.7556

Please Note: Due to the extended time it takes to submit all materials needed to complete the I-20 approval process, please submit all of the information included in the application by the following application deadlines:

Fall Semester Entry (August): Deadline is May 1 for students outside the U.S and July 1 for students transferring from a U.S. school

Spring Semester Entry (January): Deadline is September 1 for students outside the U.S. and October 1 for students transferring from a U.S. school

Application Process:

  1. Download and review the complete checklist International Student Checklist
  2. Complete the application form International Student Application
  3. Complete the Financial Responsibility form and provide supporting bank letter or statement Financial Responsibility Form
  4. Sign the F1 Student Agreement F1 Student Agreement form
  5. If you are currently in the U.S. and attending another school on an F1 – complete the Transfer Clearance form Transfer Clearance Form
  6. Send transcripts from high school and college in English
  7. Send college transcripts to be evaluated at if you want to receive college credit
  8. Submit TOEFL, IELTS, or take English placement test at Forsyth Tech (email Email or mail all documents to Forsyth Tech at addresses above
  • The process to obtain an F1 visa can take time. Once all these items are submitted then a student can be admitted into the college. An I-20 is then issued and emailed to the student. At that point, the student would need to pay the I-901 SEVIS fee and schedule an appointment for an interview with the U.S. Embassy in that country.
  • If you are a student already in the U.S., then a new I-20 can be issued once the current school transfers the SEVIS record to Forsyth Tech.
  • If you are in the country on another type of visa and requesting a change of status to an F1, the process above is the same and once admitted to the college and issued the I-20 there is a secondary application for the change of status that is handled directly with the U.S. Government. Often this process for change of status can take up to a year to be completed. It can be faster to leave the country and interview at the Embassy in the home country and return on the F1 rather than attempt to have it all processed while remaining in the U.S.

Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective F1 students

  1. Does Forsyth Tech offer any scholarships or financial aid for F1 students?
    F1 students are not eligible to apply for Federal Financial Aid. There are often outside organizations such as the Rotary Club that can have scholarships available. F1 students pay out-of-state tuition unless sponsored by a NC Non-Profit Organization. A letter on letterhead from the Non-Profit is required to verify sponsorship for the student.
  2. Can I work on campus?
    Yes, however there are very limited choices for jobs on a community college campus. Students should look for jobs that are not work-study positions. Jobs can be found here: FT Part-time jobs
  3. Can I get an I-20 for the ESL program?
    No, Forsyth Tech is not authorized to issue student visas for those studying in an ESL program. You must be in a curriculum program for an Associate Degree level in order to be considered for a visa.
  4. What English tests do you accept?
    We accept the TOEFL and the IELTS test. Students can also take the English placement test at Forsyth Tech and must score a 70 or higher. If a student has taken college level English at a U.S. college with a C or higher, that will be sufficient to replace the test. In addition, if a student has completed a full curriculum ESL program and can submit documentation that can also replace the test. If a student is from a country where English is an official language, the proof of English proficiency is not required.
  5. Does it change the amount of money needed for financial support verification if I am living with a family member or friend who is supporting me in my living expenses?
    Yes, if a student is being provided with room and board, transportation, and personal living expenses by a friend or family member and will only have the expenses of tuition/fees/books then that can be documented on the financial support form. In that situation, the amount of money required in the bank would only need to cover tuition, fees, and books.
  6. Will the school provide housing and transportation?
    No, Forsyth Tech does not have any dormitories or housing options. Students must make their own living and transportation arrangements.
  7. Will credits from my other colleges or universities transfer to Forsyth Tech?
    If the school is outside the U.S. then the student will need to have the transcripts evaluated by an outside agency (see suggestions in the admissions checklist). Once that evaluation is received, it will be reviewed by the Records office for transfer credit. If the school is in the U.S., an official transcript must be received for the Records office to evaluate for transfer credit.
  8. Do I need health insurance?
    Enrollment in a health insurance plan for International Students is highly recommended. For information about insurance companies that offer plans for international students, please email
  9. Can I live on campus?

    No, Forsyth Tech is a community college without residential housing available. Students would need to find their own housing options in the area.



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Because Forsyth Tech is a commuter campus with no on-campus housing available, international students are expected to make their own housing arrangements.


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