The Allied Health deadline has been extended to April 9th for MAR reviews to be completed. TEAS testing will be done as soon as we are able to return to testing on campus. TEAS testing will be allowed ONLY if you have completed your MAR review by April 9th.
Contact to request your MAR review via email.

Applying For Nursing & Allied Health Programs

In addition to the General Admission Requirements all credit program students must meet, students interested in pursuing a degree or diploma in any of the Forsyth Tech Health Technologies programs must follow the specific admission requirements that are listed per individual program below.

Information Sessions

If you are interested in any of the Forsyth Tech Health Technologies programs, it is important that you complete a Mandatory Information Session. Sessions are available online or face-to-face. Information on the sessions is listed below.

Allied Health

Allied Health Work Experience Form

If you are applying for an Allied Health program that gives points for related work experience, access the Work Experience Form here. This form needs to be completed by your employer.

To receive points for the work experience, this form must be submitted when you come to complete the MAR. Please note that not all Allied Health programs give points for related work experience.


Respiratory Therapy Program


 Selective Admissions Programs

All students in nuclear medicine technology, radiography and radiation therapy technology come under the radiation exposure regulations of the state and federal government (radiation safety hazard regulation). Any student who receives exposure in excess of permissible limits as defined by the regulations will be advised of the possible harmful effects and may be dropped from the curriculum. The regulations pertaining to students below the age of 18 are more stringent than those for the older student.