Please note that Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) courses run for 16 weeks. This is important for planning if your program requires the CNA course for new admitted students.


Applying For Nursing & Allied Health Programs

To apply for any of our Nursing or Allied Health programs – it is best to review the packet for requirements by clicking on the Selective Admissions program link below. Each program has different deadlines and requirements so you want to be sure to read through the specific packet for all programs that you may be considering.

When you apply to one of our programs you will be admitted in a pre-health track called Associate in Arts Health Tech. This program allows you to take any courses that are under the college transfer Associate in Arts program which will cover all of the general education courses needed for the Allied Health and Nursing programs. You have the flexibility to take courses that will work for multiple options or even to graduate with an Associate in Arts degree if you finish those courses as well. This fits well with the Parallel Plan option listed below which is a wonderful way to approach applying for programs where admission is either limited or competitive and is not guaranteed.

Allied Health

Allied Health Work Experience Form

Not all programs will give extra points for work experience But if you are applying for an Allied Health program that gives points for related work experience, access the Work Experience Form. This form needs to be completed by your employer.

See the Program link below to find a list of all of our Allied Health programs. They can be competitive (there are more applicants than spots which requires points based ranking) or limited enrollment (there are limited spots due to clinical seats and requirements need to be met first) so you want to become familiar with the options and differences.


Respiratory Therapy Program

  • If you are having issues viewing the online orientation, please contact John Sherman at 336.757.3320 or


Selective Admissions Programs

Parallel Plan

Students are encouraged to create a parallel plan for success as they plan for a chosen major. Most programs that use selective program admissions take a limited number of students and therefore have highly competitive admission processes. Parallel plans are crucial in the event that intended interests and career plans change or if you are unable to gain admission to a particular major/program.

Work with Advisors to Develop a Plan

To develop this plan, students should work with a Pre-Health Advisor. Please email your academic advisor or and let us know you are interested in talking about a Parallel Plan.

Things to Consider When Making a Parallel Plan

Here are some suggestions and tips for guidance to help students think about what they would like to accomplish and what options are available.

  • Are there related careers that you might find just as fulfilling?
  • What can you do to improve your grades, credentials, or experience?
  • People can sometimes get accepted if they apply again the next application cycle. However, be smart about your application. Oftentimes, students resubmit the same application materials without making any real changes to their points or preparation. Come up with a realistic plan. In addition, be mindful of the financial aid impact on your decision to re-apply.
  • Explore other programs offered by another college or university; research their program admissions criteria.
  • Discuss your parallel plan with your academic advisor.