Brent Martin: Stay Focused and Don’t Play Around

Brent Martin

Joining the Air Force had always been his dream. Yet, when he found out in 11th grade that he had diabetes, Brent Martin could not join the military. According to the American Diabetes Association, the military still severely restricts enlistment for people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. But if you are already serving, you can seek to stay in.

“However, I’ve always liked electronics and machines, and was good at repairing things. So I decided to get my Associate in Electronics Engineering degree,” said Martin.

“In looking at schools, I didn’t want to go to a four year school and take on a lot of debt. So I chose to come to Forsyth Tech.”

His favorite instructor and advisor was Mr. David Rehder. “Mr. Rehder made sure we were registered for the right classes and we knew as much as we needed to know about what the environment will be like on the job.”

Brent has taken six classes every semester except this semester, when he only had three classes to complete. This schedule enabled him to complete his degree in two years while working part time on the weekends.

Through the 15 to Finish program, Forsyth Tech encourages those students who can to take 15 credit hours per semester to graduate on time.

When asked how he manages his schedule, Martin said, “I go to class every day and on time. I’m simply focused on school and don’t fool around.“

Martin didn’t need to join the military to learn discipline and determination.