Graduation 2015

Graduates at the Forsyth Tech Commencement ceremony

Stepping Up To The Future

The crowd can barely suppress their excitement as Forsyth Tech’s class of 2015 enters Winston-Salem’s LJVM Coliseum on May 7, 2015. Five hundred graduates in royal blue gowns and mortarboards make their way, single file, to reserved seating on the Coliseum floor. They’re bursting with anticipation, but also with pride, joy, satisfaction and even a touch of trepidation. But like the spectators, they’re mostly excited. Noise evaporates into stillness among the grads, family and friends, faculty, staff, administrators and VIPs in the room when commencement starts. Later, guest speaker Governor Pat McCrory comments on the buoyant mood lifting everyone’s spirits: “I have never seen so many smiles at one time. Your parents, your brothers and sisters, your sons and daughters, and your neighbors are so proud of you,” he tells the graduates, beaming himself. Then he repeats what his father told him when the future governor graduated from Jamestown’s Ragsdale High School in 1974: “Now, I want you to fulfill your potential.”
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