College Transfer Degree Programs


Minimum Course Requirements (MCR) For College Transfer


Transfer Planning

The checklists below outline the local requirements for the Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, Associate in Fine Arts and Associate in Engineering degree programs.  Please choose the correct checklist based on your program of study and the year you enrolled at Forsyth Tech. Checklists are supplemental to your program evaluation which you can pull in Techlink.


Curriculum Check sheets






Transfer Admissions Information

What are the transfer admissions requirements?

NC Public Universities

Private Colleges and Universities 


4-Year Program Pathways for Community College Students

NC Public Universities:

NC Private Colleges and Universities:

The State of North Carolina
Official NC Community College Transfer Pathways 

*These schools are not part of the state wide Comprehensive Articulation Agreement.


How will my courses transfer?

Course Equivalencies:

NC Public Universities:

NC Private Colleges and Universities:

*These schools are not part of the state wide Comprehensive Articulation Agreement.


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Scholarships and Financial Aid

Forsyth Tech – Financial Aid Department

*Please note: always confirm your financial aid information with the Forsyth Tech Office of Financial Aid and check your Techlink messages daily*


DACA Eligible


Financial Aid for International Students


CFNC Resources


UNC Comprehensive Articulation Agreements


College Transfer Advising Team

Carrie BlaskowskiCarrie Blaskowski, Academic Advisor-College Transfer
Office: OGC 2431/ Phone: 336-757-3389 / E-mail:

Victoria BurgosVictoria Burgos, Academic Advisor
Office: Oak Grove 2428 / Phone: 336.734.7154 / E-mail:

L. Reynolds

Laura Reynolds, Academic Advisor- College Transfer
Office: Swisher Center/ Phone: 336-734-7923/ E-mail:

A. Snyder

Allison Snyder, Academic Advisor- College Transfer
Office: Oak Grove 2430 / Phone: 336.734.7152 / E-mail:

K. Waugh

Katie Waugh, Counselor
Office: OGC 2417/ Phone: 336-757-3660/ E-mail:

Student Success Center
Oak Grove Suite 2414, Main Campus / Phone: 336.734.7156 / E-mail: