Nuclear Medicine Technology – Program Detail


Program Mission/Overview

The Nuclear Medicine Program provides opportunities for qualified individuals to participate in classroom, laboratory and clinical experiences needed to earn their A.A.S. NMT degree, successfully challenge a national NMT certification exam, and perform as competent, entry-level Nuclear Medicine Technologists.


Program Goals

  1. To provide learning experiences (didactic, laboratory and clinical) that parallel the skills and level of competency required to prepare students for professional entry-level Nuclear Medicine Technologists’ positions.
  2. To instill in the student and graduate the professional and clinical skills necessary to function as a contributing member of a healthcare team.
  3. To maintain a high level of graduate and employer satisfaction with program preparation of its graduates for overall successful job entry.
  4. To develop student abilities of effective communication, critical thinking, and adaptability as related to patient care and nuclear medicine procedures in a clinical setting.
  5. Promote success in challenging the national NMTCB certification exam in Nuclear Medicine Technology and maintain student completion of program rates and NMTCB pass rates in compliance with JRCNMT accreditation standards.


Job Placement

Employment opportunities for graduates from the Nuclear Medicine Technology program are primarily in hospital settings. Some employment opportunities also exist in Out-patient Imaging Centers and with Mobile Imaging Services.



This Program uses Clinical Facilities at Wake Forest Baptist Health System, Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center, Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center Imaging @ Maplewood, High Point Regional Health System, W.G. Hefner VA Medical Center, and Cardinal Health Nuclear Pharmacy.


Frequently Asked Questions

See our FAQ here.


Program Costs

The cost of this program depends on the North Carolina Legislature. Based on the 2021 – 2022 academic year, the estimated Tuition and Fees cost of the program would be:

  • Resident $6,258.00 (excludes textbooks and uniforms)
  • Non-Resident $19,890.00 (excludes textbooks and uniforms)