Clinical Obligations

This policy is an addition to and not a substitution of other Forsyth Tech student policies. To comply with program policies, state, and local regulations for health care providers, and in the interest of your own personal safety, the safety of your patients, and the potential liability to both the college and clinical agency, there are many compliance requirements that must be met in order to enter the clinical education setting.

These policies may be increased, without prior notice, for any additional requirements brought forth from the clinical affiliates. Students may be denied access to clinical facilities based on health screening results, drug screening results, or results which appear on a criminal background check. The student will be responsible for obtaining documents demonstrating that they have met all compliance requirements. If this is not possible or attainable by required due date(s), the student will be unable to attend the clinical education portion of the program. If a student cannot complete the clinical training, the student will not be able to complete the program requirements. Forsyth Tech is not obligated to make special accommodations or find an alternative clinical site.

Students are expected to provide documentation of all clinical compliance requirements to the current online compliance tracking system contracted by the College and meet all deadlines associated with compliance requirements.

All fees associated with the completion of Clinical Compliance Requirements are the student’s responsibility.

Clinical Compliance Requirements

The following Clinical Compliance Requirements must be met, or the student will not be allowed to enter any clinical setting:

  1. Medical Forms/Immunizations
    There are significant health screening requirements that must be met before entering the clinical setting. Each student is required to meet vaccination, titer, and physical examination requirements and MUST provide all documentation and health screening information through the online compliance tracking system or if applicable, the appropriate personnel.
    The specific health screening requirements are listed below:

    Required Immunizations for All Students
    Immunizations Requirements
    Tdap/Td Total of 1 vaccination within the last 10 years
    MMR Total of 2 vaccinations
    Lab report showing positive blood titer results for measles, mumps, and rubella
    Varicella Total of 2 vaccinations
    Lab report showing positive blood titer
    Tuberculin (TB) Test Negative results of 2 TB skin tests within the last 12 months (must be administered at least 7 days apart)
    Negative results of 1 serum blood test (ex. Quantiferon, T. Spot, IGRA) within the last 12 months
    Negative chest x-ray within the past five years for students who have a history of positive skin tests with written evaluation by healthcare provider for signs and symptoms within the last 12 months if x-ray is over 1 year old
    Influenza Annual seasonal influenza vaccination required in mid-fall/winter.
    Hepatitis B Total of 3 vaccinations
    Lab report showing positive blood titer
    Signed Hepatitis B Vaccination Waiver

    Physical Exam

    • Provide your physical examination form completed and signed by a medical professional.
    • Physical Exam must be completed on the school form provided to the student upon acceptance into the program.
  2. Background Check/Drug Screen
    Clinical agencies require criminal background check and drug screen for students assigned to their facility for clinical education. In addition, national and/or state registry and/or licensure boards may prohibit eligibility for registry or licensure based on criminal background records.The background check and drug screen are not a requirement for acceptance to the program and should not be completed until the student receives acceptance to the program. After acceptance into the program, the student will receive information during orientation on how to complete the criminal background check and drug screen. To participate in clinical placement, all students must use the approved online compliance system to complete criminal background check and drug screen. The clinical agency reviews the results and provide clearance to enter the clinical setting.
  3. Other Program Requirements
    • CPR (Infant, Child, and Adult) – the following is required:
      American Heart Association BLS Provider course – Renewal date will be set based on the expiration date of your card.
    • Program Orientation
      An orientation date will be provided after acceptance into the program. Orientation will include additional program paperwork and a handbook review and acknowledgement form.
  4. Professional Malpractice Insurance
    Malpractice insurance is paid by the student in their tuition and fees. This is an annual fee and must be paid every fall semester while the student is enrolled in the program. Forsyth Technical Community College also maintains medical professional liability insurance.
  5. Clinical Compliance
    Students must be compliant with all required documentation and submit clinical compliance requirements by required deadline(s).

Additional Clinical Information

Clinical Assignment Schedule

The program offers clinical education courses each semester. Clinical hours are mostly during the day with some night and weekend rotations during 3rd, 4th, and 5th semesters.

Clinical Education Site Rotations

The program currently uses various clinical education sites in Forsyth, Stokes, Guilford, Davidson, and Surry Counties. These clinical sites are made up of major medical centers, hospitals, imaging centers and physician practices to provide a diverse and well-rounded clinical experience for students. Students will be randomly assigned to the various clinical sites to complete their clinical education. Assigned clinical education placements will require students to travel to geographically disperse clinical sites.

Radiography Program Clinical Education Sites
Community Care Center Winston-Salem, NC 6
Northern Regional Hospital Mount Airy, NC 42
Novant Health Clemmons Medical Center Clemmons, NC 11
Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center Winston-Salem, NC 2
Novant Health Kernersville Imaging Center Kernersville, NC 14
Novant Health Kernersville Medical Center Kernersville, NC 16
Novant Health Imaging Maplewood Winston-Salem, NC 3
Novant Health Medical Park Hospital Winston-Salem, NC 2
Novant Health Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Clemmons Clemmons, NC 10
Novant Health Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Kernersville Kernersville, NC 14
Novant Health Piedmont Imaging Center Winston-Salem, NC 3
Novant Health Thomasville Medical Center Thomasville, NC 20
OrthoCarolina Kernersville Kernersville, NC 14
OrthoCarolina Winston Salem Winston-Salem, NC 3
Wake Forest Baptist Health Winston-Salem, NC 2
Wake Forest Baptist Health Comp Rehab Winston-Salem, NC 2
Wake Forest Baptist Health Cornerstone Imaging High Point, NC 20
Wake Forest Baptist Health High Point Medical Center High Point, NC 19
Wake Forest Baptist Health Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine High Point, NC 19

Radiography Program Rotation Policy for Mammography and Hysterosalpingogram (HSG)
All students, male and female, will be offered the opportunity to participate in clinical
mammography rotations and HSG exams. The program will make every effort to place a male
student in a clinical mammography rotation if requested; however, the program is not in a
position to override clinical setting policies that restrict clinical experiences in mammography and HSG exams to female students. Male students are advised that placement in these rotations are not guaranteed and is subject to the availability of a clinical setting that allows males to participate in mammographic imaging and HSG procedures. The program will not deny female students the opportunity to participate in mammography rotations if clinical settings are not available to provide the same opportunity to male students. Additionally, the policy may be applied to any imaging procedures performed by professionals who are of the opposite gender of the patient.

The program’s policy regarding student clinical rotations in mammography is based on the sound rationale presented in a position statement on student clinical mammography rotations adopted by the Board of Directors of the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT)