Work-Based Learning (WBL) Overview for Potential Business Partners

Businesses, government, and public and private agencies that host qualified workers benefit not only from the student worker’s contribution to overall productivity, but by having early access to students who will be entering the workforce. Most employers find WBL makes the recruiting process more efficient. In addition, WBL allows employers to partner with Forsyth Tech to improve the quality and relevance of our programs and thus the caliber of the workforce we train.



In order to partner with Forsyth Tech and host a WBL student, you must be willing to provide a student an opportunity to learn through the work he or she will do.

Prior to hosting a WBL student, you’ll need to:

  • provide us with a job description for the student,
  • have someone with the necessary subject matter expertise available to supervise the student, and
  • work with us to develop learning objectives for your student.

Before referring potential candidates, we’ll come out to visit your business. During the semester you host a student, we’ll make at least one visit to your business to see how things are going. Twice during the experience we’ll ask you to complete online evaluations of your student.



Forsyth Tech students participate in WBL during our fall (August through December) and spring (January through May) and summer (May through July) semesters. The WBL office works with potential WBL students during the months leading up to the semester. Student resumes are generally available for partner sites to consider one to two months before the semester starts.


Selecting a student

Forsyth Tech encourages Work-Based Learning partner sites to evaluate potential WBL students as you would any potential new hire, including any and all interviewing and on-boarding activities typically used in your organization.


Work hours

To earn one credit for WBL, a student must work 160 hours during our 16-week semester. You and your student will set up a work schedule to accommodate both parties. WBL students typically work part time at their WBL jobs and continue to carry a full-time course load.


For more information contact the Work-Based Learning office at

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Hours of Operation:

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