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Consultative Selling

Experience the world-class sales skills training lauded by companies like IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Honda, American Express, and thousands of dealers, resellers, and small businesses from around the world.

In this one-day fast-paced course, you will learn how to:

  • Establish Rapport… gain trust… create confidence… interact effectively.
  • Create Interest they will want to talk with you… they will want to hear more!
  • Question for Needs… learn their needs. That defines what you are selling… not your products or services.
  • Present Solutions… now you present solutions to specific business problems.
  • Close for Commitment… customers see a solution to their problems. It’s no longer just a product or a price decision.
  • Handle Objections… resolve them with confidence.

“GDA sales training helped us double retention of new sales associates, double sales in the first six months and triple sales in the first year as compared those who did not have the training.”
  National Dealer Sales Training Manager,  Honda

“I was 37% of quota for the six-month period prior to GDA and 129% of quota during the three-month period after learning the GDA techniques.”
  – W. Ziacona, FindLaw website sales

“Our senior sales force closed every large 10-year hold out retail account within 12 months after the GDA sales training.”
  Director of Sales, American Express Establishment Services

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