Data Analytics with Excel Certificate

Microsoft Excel is a powerful data analysis tool that you can use to manipulate, analyze, and present data, crucial skills in today’s workplace. The use of Excel is widespread, with almost all large and small businesses using it in their daily functioning.

The Data Analytics with Excel Certificate takes you from basic operations, such as reading data into Excel using various data formats, organizing and manipulating data, to some of the more advanced functions of Excel. This six-course program is designed for those who need to use Excel for analytical purposes and reporting, planning and decision-making. Completion of the following courses are required for a certificate. Excel Introduction and Intermediate and Advanced courses must be completed first, after which the others may be completed in any order.

Course Requirements:

  • Excel Introduction – Level 1
  • Excel Intermediate – Level 2
  • Excel Advanced – Level 3
  • Data Analytics Fundamentals
  • Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables
  • Data Analysis with Excel Dashboards


Excel 2013 Introduction (Level 1) and Intermediate (Level 2)

Gain a solid working knowledge and understanding of Excel. Upon completion of this 24 hour course, you will be able to use its basic and intermediate level features, such as setting up a worksheet/workbook, customizing the Excel environment, formatting using conditional formatting, sorting and filtering tables, creating basic and nested formulas and more. All materials included with tuition fee. Pre-requisite: solid foundation in working with Microsoft Windows and software applications in general.

Course ID: 126519
Date/Time: 01/16/19  – 03/06/19, W, 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Location: IQ
Fee: $499


Excel 2013 Advanced

This class is for individuals who want to be “power users” and understand the advanced Excel features and functionality to link, summarize, and analyze data on a higher level. Participants will learn to use Excel’s collaboration, protection, and programming capabilities by performing data merging, using lookups, macro recording, and tweaking the Visual Basic for Applications program code. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to share and analyze data, and automate repetitive tasks. Materials included with tuition fee. Prerequisite: Excel Introduction and Intermediate.

Course ID: 126847
Date/Time: 04/03 -04/24, W, 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Location: IQ
Fee: $275


Data Analytics – the Fundamentals NEW!

Data analysis is widely used to enhance business operations. Learn how to follow and detect trends in order to make optimal decisions, using tools for analysis and visualization. Manipulate and present data in a variety of ways. This course is a combination of demonstration and hands-on work to enhance the learning experience. Previous Excel experience required, version 2007 or later. Fee includes book. Bring a thumb drive for file storage.

Course ID: 126526
Date/Time: 04/29/19 – 05/20/19, M, 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Instructor:  J. Bryant
Location: IQ
Fee: $185