Computer: Internet Marketing Fundamentals

New! – Promote your business through e-marketing activities including email, Web advertising, Search Engine Optimization, content marketing, social marketing, affiliate programs, automated messaging, and more.


  • how to optimize your website for better search engine results,
  • how to use analytics to measure traffic and user behavior,
  • best practices for managing email lists and creating effective email campaigns,
  • how to create revenue generating advertising and ad placements,
  • how to leverage social media channels to grow and engage your audience.

Prerequisite: Basic computer and Internet usage skills. Familiarity with social media and email. Must have active email account, accessible through a web browser or mobile device.

Course ID: 131947
Date/Time: 10/8 – 11/12, T, 7:00 – 9:00 PM
10 Hours
Instructor: Andy Brewer
Location: IQ 917/2444
Fee: $265


Creating Your Digital Brand

New! – Create and perfect your brand for promoting and growing your business. From website publishing to social media channels to automated messaging, your brand serves as the extension of your products and services. First impressions can make lasting relationships! Upon completion you’ll be prepared to:

  • create a media package with your brand assets,
  • refine your website as hub for all other channels,
  • write copy for electronic media, email marketing, SEO, and personality,
  • find promotional channels, advertising opportunities, and affiliate programs,
  • set up automated responses to messaging channels.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of computer software, common file formats, and general web usage. Bring your own device to class for hands-on learning.

Course ID: 131948
Date/Time: 8/27, T, 7:00 – 9:00 PM
2 Hours
Instructor: Andy Brewer
Location: IQ 917/2446
Fee: $55


DIY Videography for Entrepreneurs NEW!

The costs and barriers to creating great video content have come down. Even the smallest of businesses can now include video as part of their marketing efforts. This course will cover the basics of producing videos used online to attract and inform current and future customers. Using a number of free or low priced tools, along with readily available equipment, participants will be able to create both live and animated video content for use in their businesses.

Bring laptop and/or smart phone to class.