Educational Career Center Services

Educational Career Center can help you:

  • Enhance and develop your job searching skills
  • Determine if you need to improve your employability skills
  • Help create or revise your resume
  • Discuss and help develop your educational and career goals
  • Apply for scholarships for short-term training courses

We are open in-person at Forsyth Tech’s West Campus at 1300 Bolton Street in Winston Salem.  Call 336.757.3701 to talk with an advisor.


Skills Assessment – Career Readiness Certificate

The Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) is a test-based credential that tells employers that you have workplace-ready skills in several areas. The CRC is a nationally recognized, EEOC-compliant industry-driven system of job profiling and assessment based on the WorkKeys™ testing program. CRC testing is conducted at Forsyth Tech’s West Campus (1300 Bolton Street in Winston-Salem). The cost of the tests are as follows: $15 each for Graphic Literacy, Workplace Documents, and Applied Math.  Workplace Observation is $20.  Tests are given by appointment only.  For more information or to schedule your testing date, call 336.734.7324


Trying to figure out what you want to do?

Try Career Coach!


Attend our Employability Lab Classes!

The Forsyth Tech Employability Lab Classes at West Campus (1300 Bolton Street in Winston-Salem) offer an ongoing resource for those seeking a job, a better job, or a new career. These twice-a-week classes are free to the unemployed or underemployed and run all year long.  You can register and enter the class at any time.  The instructor in the Employability Lab class can help you with:

  • Career and educational advising, assessments, and planning
  • Resume development, cover letters, interviewing techniques, and networking
  • Internet access and help setting up e-mail accounts to assist in your job search
  • Getting motivated and thinking positive about getting back in the workforce

Call 336.734.7023 for more information.


Visit our Employability Lab in the King Public Library

(101 Pilot View Drive in King)

This walk-in lab offers the use of computers and guidance from an instructor who can help you look for jobs, improve your resume, and practice your interviewing skills.  This lab is open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 1:00pm to 5:00pm.  Call 336.983.3868 for more information.