Detention Officer Certification Course (DOCC)

This certification-related Detention Officer Certification Course (DOCC) is offered under guidelines and requirements as set forth by North Carolina Sheriffs’ Education and Training Standards Commission. Properly certified State instructors are used in all topic areas. Trainees must successfully pass State administered exam as well as demonstrate competency in all skill areas in order to be eligible for certification as a detention officer. Lecture, demonstrations and practical exercises are primary methods of instruction.

Upon successful completion of this course and state certification, individuals may be eligible for employment in a county operated detention center.  A Detention Officer performs responsible work in operating a twenty-four hour/day detention facility in accordance with established procedures and requirements set forth in federal/state laws. 

Duties may include taking custody of prisoners from arresting officers; booking prisoners into the detention center/jail by completing required documentation and forms; fingerprinting prisoners; verifying the identification of persons in custody and checking for outstanding warrants; transporting prisoners to and from the county jail and other law enforcement agencies. Work may also include escorting prisoners to and from court and processing necessary paperwork.  A Detention Officer is also responsible for the security and welfare of prisoners, which involves providing meals and dispensing medicine, as well as maintaining the jail.

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