Forsyth Tech Community College. A place of promise. President's Message. Dr. Janet N. Spriggs.

To All Parents, Faculty, Staff & Students of Forsyth Tech:

It hurt our hearts to postpone our 202 Commencement Ceremony. Graduation season at Forsyth Tech is like Christmas for all faculty and staff. We love celebrating this special time with the students we have loved and served to success, and we love nothing more than watching you proudly walk across the stage while your parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters, and other family and friend cheer you on and applaud your achievements.

The #COVID19 crisis has disrupted our lives in many ways — this is just one example. Nothing is “normal” right now. We find ourselves in an almost surreal time in history, facing difficult and challenging times, possibly for an extended period of time. There is no playbook — no template to tell us what to do next or even what we will face next. We are feeling disconnected, anxious and a little afraid of the unknown. The good news is: we are tough….we are strong….we are resilient…we are #together and will come out the other side of this historical moment, tougher, stronger, and even more resilient.

As your President, this is my pledge to the #ForsythTech #Classof202: You will have a Commencement. You will have the opportunity to walk across the stage and be recognized for your hard work and accomplishments. You have earned it and you deserve your moment and the friends and families who supported you also deserve to celebrate this special time with you. We have no choice but to postpone, but we have not cancelled our Commencement Ceremony. I believe, in the end, when we come out on the other side of this pandemic, our 2020 Graduation will be even more special and carry even greater meaning for us all.

Keep the faith and stay strong! Your hard work has not been in vain and your College Family is walking through this strange and unusual time alongside you, just like always. We will not let you down and we will be the ones on 2020 Commencement Day with the big smiles and the hearts filled with pride.

Stay safe,

Dr. Janet N. Spriggs, President
Forsyth Tech Community College
#ForsythTechStrong #ForsythTechCares
#ForsythTech Proud #WeareForsythTech