First In North America

Two men signing a piece of paper

In July, Forsyth Tech became the first community college in North America to join WheelTime Connection, a program for students in programs like Automotive Systems Technology and Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology. The goal of the program is to better prepare these students to get jobs in the truck and coach repair industry. Students apply to join and must meet a list of requirements, including attendance and overall grade point average. In return, WheelTime Connection provides pre-graduation job placement, continued education to ensure they stay current on changing technologies and hands-on learning from experienced technicians. According to Allen Doub, program coordinator for Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology, “WheelTime will play a crucial role in orienting students to what’s available as well as supplying the training students need before entering the field. When students get a glimpse of what their futures could look like, they come to class every day with purpose and passion.”