Gisele Taylor Wells: Improving Design Education

Gisele Taylor Wells

Gisele Taylor Wells, program coordinator for Interior Design, received her National Council for Interior Design Qualification Certification (NCIDQ) in December 2017. The certification is the industry’s standard measure of proficiency in interior design principles and establishes a designer’s commitment to the profession.

Since 2008, Wells has been an instructor at Forsyth Tech, beginning as part time, then moving into the program coordinator and full-time instructor role. She holds her Bachelor of Science Degree in interior Architecture and her Master of Science Degree in Interior Architecture with a concentration in Historic Preservation, both from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

“Earning my certification will help me better prepare students on what design principles and knowledge are expected of excellent interior designers in today’s professional environments,” said Wells. “What is most fulfilling in my role is to find ways to improve design education for today’s students and help them understand they must be above average to succeed in this profession.”