Designed to be permanent and perpetual, endowed scholarships can be established with a minimum gift of $25,000, whether it is contributed all at one time or with an initial commitment that is added to over a period of five years until the endowment level of $25,000 is attained. Once the fund reaches endowment status, the principal of the fund is invested to produce income, and an annual award is made to a student(s). The principal will remain intact and earnings are applied to the principal. Subsequent gifts to the scholarship are also applied to the principal. As the principal grows, so may the amount and/or number of awards.

“Our son Branner died of cancer in 2000, the summer before his senior year of college. He was very much looking forward to graduation and to beginning a career. Establishing a scholarship in his memory comforts us knowing that although he did not get to graduate from college, his legacy lives on every year by allowing another student to graduate in his stead, fulfilling his or her dreams.”

– Beth and Sandy Baldwin
Branner Dixson Baldwin Scholarship