December 11, 2023

Jason Lancaster has been an instructor at Forsyth Tech for over ten years. He began as an adjunct in 2012, teaching whichever classes were offered to him, and switched to a full time position in 2015. Jason has always had a passion for art, even as a child. He describes himself as a natural born weirdo, crediting his personality for being one of the reasons he is able to connect with other artists and teach the subject itself.

He received his undergraduate at the University of Mt. Olive, and also attended Radford University in Virginia, where he received his MFA in two dimensional art. Teaching at Forsyth Tech has allowed Jason to work with students who he feels are the most motivated out of any bunch he’s worked with. He has been able to come across a ton of talented students who are dedicated to their craft and excited to come to class. He not only enjoys teaching techniques and information about notable artists, but the connections he makes with the students make his job extremely gratifying.

Jason is able to provide his students with personal anecdotes that inspire and motivate students. During this interview, I was able to hear some words of inspiration once again, since being a former student from the fall semester 2022. He spoke on the importance of finding meaning and purpose within art. Remembering why it’s something you enjoy doing in the first place. Due to his lifetime experience with art, he is able to make students truly resonate with his words.

Overall, Jason Lancaster is truly vital to Forsyth Tech’s fine arts/transfer program. Whether a beginner or proficient, there is something he will be able to teach or advise on. His classes are full of life and energy, and an accepting environment. He provides a space to not only improve on skills and techniques, but a place to become motivated and inspired.