February 5, 2024

When speaking with Carolina Keller, a proud alumna of Forsyth Technical Community College, her enthusiasm about her educational journey was palpable. Carolina’s story is a powerful example of the transformative power of education and the unique opportunities offered at our college.

Early Inspiration and Dual Enrollment

Carolina’s journey began at Winston Salem Christian School, where she first heard about Forsyth Tech. “It was through word of mouth from other students,” Carolina recalls. The dual enrollment program at Forsyth Tech, which allowed students to earn college credits while still in high school, intrigued her. “I loved the challenge and opportunity it presented to grow academically at an accelerated pace,” she says.

Enrolling in these courses marked the beginning of an enriching chapter for Carolina. Not only did she enjoy the academic rigor, but she also thrived under it. This experience culminated in a remarkable achievement: graduating from Forsyth Tech with an Associate in Science degree a week before receiving her high school diploma.

Choice of Program and the Pursuit of Growth

When asked about her choice of program at Forsyth Tech, Carolina’s eyes light up. “I was drawn to the sciences,” she explains. “The program was challenging, but it was also incredibly rewarding.” Carolina’s decision was fueled by her passion for knowledge and her desire to build a strong foundation for her future.

Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Public Speaking

Carolina’s time at Forsyth Tech was not without its challenges. One significant hurdle was public speaking, a skill she realized was crucial in her professional life. She recalls a recent experience where she presented to the staff of First Bank via a companywide Zoom call. “Many of my colleagues were nervous, but I felt surprisingly at ease,” she shares. This ease, she realized, was a direct result of her public speaking class. “That class, especially being online and requiring me to speak in front of a camera, prepared me in ways I hadn’t anticipated,” Carolina reflects.

Memorable Experiences and Lasting Impact

Carolina’s journey at Forsyth Tech was punctuated by memorable experiences and influential instructors. She fondly remembers the supportive environment and the hands-on learning approach. “The college supported me during tough times, offering guidance and resources that were instrumental in my success,” she notes.

The education she received at Forsyth Tech truly contributed to her personal and professional growth. ” Forsyth Tech instilled in me the values of continuous learning and growth,” she says. This mindset has been pivotal in her career progression at First Bank, where she quickly rose through the ranks and now plays a key role in training new hires.

Advice for Future Trailblazers

Carolina’s advice to current and prospective Forsyth Tech students is heartfelt and straightforward: “Embrace the opportunities in front of you, even if they seem unconventional. And never hesitate to ask for help.” She emphasizes the importance of making choices that are right for oneself and taking full advantage of the support offered by the college’s staff and faculty.

A Legacy of Learning and Community Impact

Reflecting on her journey, Carolina speaks of her pride in being a Forsyth Tech alumna. “It’s more than a personal achievement; it’s about being part of a community that fosters growth and supports the larger community,” she says. Carolina views her education at Forsyth Tech as a significant factor in her ability to contribute positively to her community and profession.

As our conversation concluded, it was clear that Carolina Keller’s story is one of the power of education, the impact of community support, and the endless possibilities that Forsyth Tech offers to its students. Her journey is a shining example of how embracing opportunities and facing challenges head-on can lead to remarkable achievements and a fulfilling career.