Weather Emergencies and Inclement Weather

In case of impending threatening weather:

  1. While you are at work:
    • Check the college e-mail system. Decisions will be made in a timely manner to close the college. Also, the TechAlert System will be activated for those who have signed up.
  2. If threatening weather is about to affect the campus with limited advance warning:
    • Close all windows and doors in your immediate work area. Go to an inner hallway or room as close to the center of your building as possible.
    • Sit on the floor away from doors and windows.
    • Do not attempt to go back to your work area or leave the campus.
  3. If you are at home and hazardous weather conditions have been forecast:
    • First check the Forsyth Tech website or you may call the main switchboard at 336.723.0371. The TechAlert System will be activated for those who have signed up.
    • Media outlets will broadcast the College operational schedules.



The Campus has a fire alarm system. Dial 7911 (Main and West Campus Only), lift the receiver on an emergency phone, or call 911.

  1. Tell the call taker:
    • Your Name
    • The exact location of the fire
    • If anyone is injured
  2. Close all windows and doors in your immediate work area.
  3. Pull the nearest fire alarm pull station.
  4. Evacuate the building through the nearest exit.
  5. Do not re-enter the building for any reason until you are instructed by the proper authority.


The College does not maintain a medical staff on campus or at its centers to administer to visitors, students, staff or faculty. Since all personnel and students reside off-campus, medical and dental care are an individual’s responsibility. The College does not provide emergency treatment. If however a student, faculty or staff member has a medical emergency on campus, call the campus police at 7911 or dial 911.

First Aid

  • First Aid is administered at all Forsyth Tech locations.
  • Contact Campus Police at 7911 or the appropriate center’s security office.

NOTE:  All accidents must be reported to the Campus Police Office as soon as possible.

Reporting Crimes / Safety Issues

  • Emergency
    • Dial 7911
    • Lift the receiver on an emergency phone
    • or, Dial 911
  • Non-Emergency
    • Campus Police – Dial 7243
    • Safety Issues – Dial 7244

The following should always be reported to Campus Police through one of the above methods:

  • You have something stolen from you personally or if school property is missing from your work area. You should consider it stolen if you have made an extensive search and cannot locate the item.
  • You are threatened or verbally abused.
  • You are assaulted.
  • You are involved in a “Hit and Run”.
  • If you witness or have knowledge of one of the following:
    • Theft
    • Vandalism
    • Threats / Arguments / Verbal Abuse
    • Assaults
    • Drug or Alcohol violations
    • Traffic Accidents / Traffic Violations / Speeding
    • Improper storage or any other type of crime


Crime Prevention Tips

  • Do not leave valuables in your car. Leave them at home or lock them in your trunk. Be sure to take your keys with you and lock your vehicle.
  • Do not leave personal items (books, purses, keys, pagers, cell phones, etc.) unattended. It only takes a second for them to walk off.
  • Report any suspicious person or activity as soon as possible to Campus Police.
  • Walk in groups whenever possible. Campus Police Officers do provide escorts if they are not tied up on another call.
  • If you have locked your keys in your car or need a battery jump, contact Campus Police for assistance at 7243. If we are unable to unlock your vehicle, you may have to refer to a locksmith for help.

Campus Police Officers are always ready to assist in any manner that they can.