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Mission Statement

Assist students through the “life happens” obstacles with a solution-based approach of listening, supporting, connecting, and empowering.

We LISTEN to students and meet them where they are.

We SUPPORT students when “life happens” and obstacles appear.

We CONNECT students to resources and opportunities for success.

We EMPOWER students to be successful and become the best version of themselves.

Amid this unprecedented COVID-19 and global pandemic, Forsyth Technical Community Colleges believes it is critically important to do any and everything feasible to relieve as much of students’ and employees’ added worry and stress as possible. The college wants to provide encouragement and assurance that the college supports students, staff and faculty. Through the efforts of our dedicated Care Navigators.

Forsyth Tech Cares was launched. It is a new initiative to help students and employees make it through this crisis together.

Forsyth Tech Cares is a comprehensive approach for connecting students, staff and faculty to the resources and support services they need. We will be able to provide critical support by answering questions, connecting them to emergency financial assistance, and making sure they are doing okay mentally and emotionally.

Care Navigators are waiting to hear from you. If you are struggling, we want to help. Please let us know what assistance you are looking for by completing the form below or calling 336-734-7195 and a FT Cares team member will reach out to you in 48 hours.

View our press release about Forsyth Tech Cares for more information