November 30, 2023

Forsyth Tech is proud to announce a significant contribution from TranSource Truck & Trailer Centers, which has donated an advanced emissions system to our Diesel and Heavy Equipment Program. This generous donation includes a cutting-edge Exhaust After-treatment System (EATS), crucial for training the next generation of heavy truck technicians in modern maintenance and repair techniques.

The EATS, often referred to as the “one box,” is an integral part of modern trucks, encompassing a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). This state-of-the-art equipment will serve as a vital training aid for our HEAT Program (Heavy Equipment And Technology), significantly enhancing our hands-on learning approach.

Forsyth Tech’s Associate in Applied Science Degree in Diesel and Heavy Equipment, a two-year program spanning five semesters, educates approximately 25 students annually in the intricate art of heavy truck maintenance and repair. The addition of the EATS to our training resources will ensure our students are well-prepared for the evolving demands of the industry.

Alan Doub, Program Coordinator for Heavy Equipment and Transportation Technology at Forsyth Tech, highlights the importance of this donation, saying, “Our goal is to graduate technicians who can immediately contribute to their employers after transitioning from the classroom to service department environments. These up-to-date training aids are instrumental in teaching contemporary diagnostic skills, preparing our HEAT students for rewarding careers in the workforce.”

Jim Bland, founder of TranSource, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the mutual benefits of providing current model training aids. “It’s in everyone’s best interest to equip future technicians with the latest tools and knowledge. TranSource is delighted to support Forsyth Tech and our partners in their training endeavors, assisting in the preparation of students for future challenges,” he stated.

This collaboration between Forsyth Tech and TranSource is not new; TranSource has been a long-term partner, supporting various college projects. Regularly, HEAT students get the opportunity to experience a commercial truck dealership service department in operation, gaining real-world insights into their future work environments.

Forsyth Tech expresses its heartfelt gratitude to TranSource for this donation, which aligns perfectly with our vision of being a catalyst for equitable economic mobility, empowering lives, and transforming communities. Through such partnerships, we continue to uphold our commitment to providing high-quality, relevant education opportunities, ensuring our students are well-equipped to meet and exceed industry standards.