January 17, 2024

Forsyth Technical Community College, a leader in providing accessible, high-quality education in Forsyth and Stokes Counties, is proud to announce a significant milestone. The spring enrollment numbers for the year have reached the highest level since spring 2014.

Enrollment has been on the rise steadily since 2021, with spring 2024 enrollment up nearly 10% over spring 2023. This achievement is the result of several ongoing student-centered initiatives at the college.

Forsyth Tech’s unwavering commitment to student success and community engagement is perhaps nowhere more apparent than through the work of the Forsyth Tech Cares program, an award-winning initiative that offers comprehensive support to students to remove barriers that exist outside of the classroom. The program includes academic assistance, financial aid counseling, legal aid, child care, food and housing assistance and more.

Additionally, Forsyth Tech’s proactive approach over the winter break played a critical role in this success. The college remained open during this period, providing students with assistance in enrolling for classes and navigating the complexities of financial aid. This student-first approach ensured that the transition into the new semester was seamless and supportive.

Throughout the previous semester, the college also hosted a series of enrollment festivals, designed to engage the community and spread awareness about the diverse range of educational opportunities available at the college.

Unsurprisingly, applications to attend Forsyth Tech have also risen, seeing an increase of more than 55% since 2021, with requests for more information, a leading indicator of the number of applications the college will receive, up over 500% since 2021.

As noted by Dr. Janet N. Spriggs, President of Forsyth Tech. “The secret is out that the various degrees, diplomas, and certificates offered at Forsyth Tech make us the best option for starting your education, upskilling, changing a career or continuing a lifelong journey of learning.” She continued, “Our record enrollment is a clear indication that our community recognizes the value and opportunity Forsyth Tech offers.”

As Forsyth Tech continues to grow and adapt to the evolving needs of its students and the community, this enrollment milestone highlights the college’s impact and effectiveness. Forsyth Tech remains committed to its vision of being a catalyst for equitable economic mobility, empowering lives, and transforming communities.