September 25, 2023

Habeba Ahmed is a student in the Transfer Program, who is currently on track to complete her Associate in Science. Habeba shared what ultimately led her to attend Forsyth Tech, and how her experience within the college has made her a more confident, committed student as well as person overall. Her story is one that many can relate to. A story that exposes what it’s like to be a graduating senior in high school unsure of what’s next. The hesitancy of attending a four-year university, and the confusion about what career will provide the most financial and personal satisfaction. The obstacles and internal battles Habeba faced before pursuing her education at Forsyth Tech led to a gratifying decision, one that changed the course of her life.

Being a first generation college student, Habeba knew that she wanted to complete her Bachelor Degree, the question she ruminated over was how?

As the end of her senior year approached, she watched and listened as her peers grew frantic over the idea of college. As everyone around Habeba awaited acceptance letters, she was still contemplating what would best fit her needs, needs that were subject to change on a frequent basis. Coming from a low income family, she knew she’d have to work hard in order to attend a university. She was puzzled over how she would be able to provide herself with financial stability, as well as a sufficient amount of time for her studies. It seemed as though all those around her were fleeing from the nest, Habeba didn’t want to feel left behind, but she knew that there had to be a better option than settling for the first university that accepted her. 

She then remembered Forsyth Tech. Habeba had heard about the college before but wasn’t sure if it was an option that would check all her boxes. “I did some research and realized that Forsyth Tech had so much more to offer than I had thought before,” Habeba stated. The options and resources she found exceeded her expectations. Online classes and tutoring sessions provided her with the flexibility that she desired, as well as a resource that would help her stay on track if in-person guidance was needed. The financial benefits of attending Forsyth Tech allowed her to dedicate an ample amount of time to her studies, she no longer had the necessity to work 30-35 hours a week. When Habeba was told she would have to spend 6 months in Egypt only a mere two weeks after graduating, she worried her pursuit for a degree would have to be put on hold. Luckily, the classes she took fit her schedule perfectly, and she was able to communicate easily with her professors who provided her with assistance on assignments as well as adjustments on deadlines when needed. 

Prior to enrolling at Forsyth Tech, Habeba had a turbulent relationship with school. Once she began classes at Forsyth Tech, excitement was sparked within her and her perception of education took a positive turn. Confidence began to grow inside Habeba as she continued down a path of productivity and achievement with Forsyth Tech. Habeba felt she was beginning to truly move in the right direction. Doubts concerning which major would suit her best began to dissipate as she continued to take classes that led her to make a well founded decision. A major in computer science resonated with Habeba, and she intends to pursue a career in the field. 

With the aid of her advisor, they were able to create a schedule that would allow Habeba to complete her Associate in Science by the end of the 2023 fall semester. Habeba’s journey goes to show that uncertainty is part of the process when it comes to making big decisions. Choices that others choose aren’t always the best option for one’s own goals or situation. Habeba was able to find a place at Forsyth Tech, and solidify her pursuit for education and security. Her story goes beyond education, and can connect with those unsure of which direction to take, with patience, evaluation, and help from others one can make decisions that will lead to a fulfilling and triumphant life.