April 1, 2024

Our beloved mascot, Blaze, has set the music world on fire with the release of “Buckaroo Blaze,” a riveting homage to her life at Forsyth Tech so far. This instantly iconic album is a cultural reset for mascots everywhere, a genre-bending journey through academia and empowerment, with a wink.

From the confidence-boosting anthem “Run The World (Girls in STEM),” which celebrates women breaking barriers in science and technology, to the playful “Love on Top (Of the Dean’s List),” Blaze ensures each track resonates with a message of triumph and determination.

The standout “Formation (Of Neurons)” merges the art of neurology with rhythm and blues, crafting a beat that’s as catchy as it is educational. Then there’s the quirky “Textbook Hold ‘Em,” a tune that could spark a dance craze in libraries around the globe. “16 Credits” and “II Exams II Pass” form the heart of the album, capturing the relentless pursuit of academic excellence.

The tracks “Cargo Shorts,” “9 Campuses,” and “Dan Riiverdance” all add an irresistible charm, blending everyday college life with the swagger of country beats. “Buckaroo Blaze” blazes trails; it’s a masterclass in turning the mundane into the extraordinary. The album is a manual for the modern student – study hard, play harder, and dance like everyone’s watching. Blaze added spurs to her hiking boots for this album and wishes you all a very happy April Fool’s.