September 11, 2023

Jenny Terry, who is an alumna, instructor and staff member at Forsyth Tech, has so much talent you may marvel at the fact that you don’t see it coming off her in waves. Terry, who works as the lead graphic designer and brand strategist for the college, and is a graduate of the Graphic Arts and Imaging Technology Program, leapt at the opportunity to design the new mascot.

Once the polls of constituents were complete, and the college had settled on the concept of a

Trailblazer and gray fox, Terry started her design process with research and sketching. Next came

reviews, refining and more sketching, eventually converting everything to the version that you

see today.

“Working on the mascot was a very important milestone in my career. It is the coolest thing I’ve

done. I loved being a student at Forsyth Tech and I got the start of my career at Forsyth Tech, so it is

really meaningful and rewarding to be a part of its history and legacy,” Terry said.

She also works with every department and division and her stamp is on almost everything visual at the college. Her help is as diverse as her talent, with Jenny lending a hand with everything from the new sign on the Robert L. Strickland Center to ensuring gallery walls in newly designed spaces in the Allman Center are ship-shape.

On the weekends, you can find her indulging her husband’s love of RC cars, walking their sweet pup, Jojo, or crafting with friends. Terry, originally from Oklahoma and Texas, moved to Winston a little over a decade ago and has been active in the arts scene ever since. Our Forsyth Tech family is glad she’s here, improving the aesthetics on all of our campuses and centers, and increasing the strength of the college’s brand.