October 9, 2023

Myles Regier, Associate Dean of Engineering and Transportation Technologies, has been part of the Forsyth Tech community since 2017. He began as an adjunct, teaching the advanced electrical course, and worked his way up to the Associate Dean position. Lifelong experience within the field, mentors, and true passion for what he does has brought Myles to where he is now. Contrast to earlier years within his career, Myles is able to embrace the more administrative and managerial side of this field, and has learned many skills, and made many amazing memories doing so.

Myles grew up on a farm in Nebraska, where working on heavy equipment and mechanics in general were part of his daily routine. He had always had an interest when it came to all things automotive, which led him into working many jobs that involved just that. He had worked across many shops, whether working on automotives themselves, or more office-centered roles answering the phone. His undergrad in automotive restoration (along with business management), was a key part in obtaining the position he has today. Myles sees so much value in higher education, whether it’s a two-year degree or a four-year degree, he believes education can unlock a higher potential. 

Before becoming Associate Dean, Myles had many mentors who helped guide him up the ranks. Jerry Stroud, former supervisor, was there for Myles when he was first starting out as a part time professor. Former Dean John Carsons is also an important figure for Myles, being the one who helped him get his full time position as motorsport coordinator in 2020. Current Dean Joshua Burcham is helping Myles develop even more skills that help him within his role. Skills Myles has already developed through dedication to his career include time management, and communication skills. In his personal life Myles describes himself as an introvert, but his role as Associate Dean often pushes him to be more outspoken, which he appreciates since it allows him to express a side of himself that isn’t always seen. Being a more logical, data driven person helps Myles with the administrative side of his position, but when it comes to the interpersonal connections, Myles is naturally charismatic and kind, making him someone who is reliable and highly empathetic.

When it comes to fulfillment within his job, Myles says the most gratifying part of his role is watching the students succeed. Although teaching is not part of his daily responsibilities, Myles still communicates with the students a great deal, and attends graduation ceremonies as well as community events. One of his favorite memories was the recent Wake Forest Game, where he was able to service the motorcycle for the Demon Deacon, and work with Wake Forest on a promotional package. Opportunities to connect with those around him is something Myles really cherishes about his job. 

Outside of work, Myles is a huge motorcycle lover, he can be found racing his bike on local tracks. He also enjoys devoting time to his wife and three kids, who are all supporters of Myle’s love for motorcycle racing. Overall, Myles has always lived a life that revolved around the automotive world, it was fate that he would end up in such an important and influential role, surrounded by students and staff who are just as passionate about automotive as he is.