October 9, 2023

Connor McCormick started his first semester at Forsyth Tech in the fall of 2023. Having just graduated from West Forsyth High School with a career already in mind, Connor knew he wanted an option that was both affordable and efficient, ultimately leading him to attend Forsyth Tech. He had been working at Papa John’s, both saving money and having to pay for bills and other responsibilities that the majority of his peers were not obligated to do. Struggles within his personal life affected the amount of choices he had when it came to choosing an educational institution. Financial responsibility had always been one of Connor’s greatest priorities, he wanted to live a life that could fulfill him in all sectors of his life. Starting a career at Forsyth Tech would provide him with just that.

Connor had always been drawn to computers and technology as a whole. Being a video game fan all his life, Connor ventured down a rabbit hole of researching different computer gear and all things tech. Several careers within the IT world appealed to him. After a thorough search, Connor landed on cyber security. This career would not only allow him to gain more knowledge on a topic he was already very curious and fascinated with, but it would bring his dreams of financial security to fruition. Many students who have had to work through the majority of their highschool years can relate to wanting to enter a career in which hard work can really pay off and provide an appropriate wage. Although Connor was satisfied with his job, enjoying the connections he made with his coworkers and regular customers, he knew he could commit to something that would allow him to be fully financially independent.

Applying to Forsyth Tech proved to be an easy task for Connor. The challenge came when it was time to register for classes. He wasn’t familiar with the process at all, and wanted to make sure his pathway would be the most efficient. Transitioning from high school to college isn’t easy for most, especially when one must do it virtually by themself without the assistance of a guardian. “The advisors at Forsyth Tech helped a lot,” Connor stated. If it weren’t for the guidance of the kind and experienced staff at Forsyth Tech, Connor says the process would’ve become much more frustrating than he would’ve liked. Connor mentioned that one of his favorite parts of the whole process was the welcoming energy that the staff had. He was grateful for their positive attitudes, attitudes that motivated him to truly devote himself to finishing the registration process.

Connor is now close to finishing his a-term classes, and is confident he made the right choice in his career path. He finds the classes to be just as interesting as he hoped them to be, his favorite class being network and sec foundation. Fortunate to have some of his closest friends attending the college with him, they are able to help each other find resources and provide each other with motivation that allow them to stay on track with their education.

After completing the Transfer Program at Forsyth Tech, Connor plans on attending UNC Charlotte, a university he has had his heart set on since his early senior year. Once Connor begins his attendance at UNCC, he will already have his general ed classes as well as other classes specific to cybersecurity completed, allowing him to only have to attend the university for 2 years. This is ideal for Connor, since he is eager to enter the work field, and begin earning a wage that is satisfactory for him. If not for the variety of programs provided by Forsyth Tech, Connor would have had to make sacrifices to attend a university that may have ended up derailing or discouraging him from pursuing a career in IT. He is appreciative of the college and of the staff for extending a helping hand towards him when he needed it the most. Connor is on track to living the lifestyle he’s always dreamed of.