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Forsyth Tech offers Degree programs, Special Credit, and Economic & Workforce Development classes. The application and registration processes are not the same.


Degree Programs

Degree programs let you earn a degree, diploma or certificate in a specialized area.

The first step in achieving your goal of a college degree is to apply to Forsyth Tech. Take that step now using the link below.

Apply for a Degree Program

Visiting Students

If you want to enroll in one or more college credit courses but do not intend to complete a degree, diploma, or certificate at Forsyth Tech, please choose Special Credit for your program on the application. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Students who are visiting from another college or university
  • Students taking summer courses to transfer back to their primary college or university
  • Students taking courses for personal enrichment

apply for Special Credit

Economic & Workforce Development

Economic & Workforce Development courses offer skills training in a variety of areas, but do not earn you credit toward a college degree. Economic & Workforce Development courses include:

  • Job Skills Courses
  • Courses For Businesses
  • Personal Enrichment Courses

Registration for Economic & Workforce Development courses is by individual class. Click below for registration information.

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