Accessing and Utilizing Disability Services

The Disability Services office is located in Suite 2414 of the Oak Grove Center on Main Campus. Students who have a disability and would like to request services and accommodations must register with Disability Services. They will be required to provide, official documentation of their disability. Information provided by a student is voluntary and appropriate confidentiality is maintained.

Students who need assistance for academic services should contact the Disabilities Services Office at or 336.734.7155 Services are designed and developed on an individual-needs basis, and students may elect to use any or all of the services appropriate to their needs at no charge. An appointment is required to discuss individual accommodations. Also, the college has a telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD/TTY). The number is 336.723.3411.


Disability Services Hours

Monday – Thursday 8 am – 5 pm

Friday 8 am – 3 pm

Phone: 336.734.7155


Disability Services Office Student Guide