Student Resources

Library, Ardmore Hall, Main Campus

At Forsyth Tech, every problem has a solution.

The role of our Student Services Division is simple – to solve problems that get in the way of your success at Forsyth Tech. We provide whatever resources you need and can help you with everything from financial aid to finding the best career path. If something is keeping you from achieving what you want to achieve here, Student Services will do all we can to help you
overcome it. Here are links to the many different student resources available to you:

Our Financial Aid office can help you get the money to pay for your education.

How To Pay For Classes explains our different payment plans.

The Student Success Center offers academic advising and useful information for every student at Forsyth Tech.

Academics Records/Transcripts is responsible for maintaining the accuracy and security of academic records for the College.

Our Bookstores offer the books required for your classes.

The Library offers reference materials as well as books for check out.

The Learning Center offers an Open Computer Lab as well as Academic Tutorial and Testing services.

The Shugart Women’s Center promotes the educational, personal and professional development of women attending Forsyth Tech through a variety of services.

The James A. Rousseau II Minority Male Mentoring Program is open to all minority male students who seek the help and guidance of a mentor.

Our Counseling Services are here to help you deal with any personal, career or academic problems you may encounter.

Disability Services
ensures that students with disabilities have equal access to educational opportunities at Forsyth Tech.

Our Dental Education Clinic is open to students who are seeking inexpensive dental procedures.

The Veteran Resource Center offers veterans a range of services to ensure academic success, including personal, confidential counseling; academic advising; new student orientation; access to a Student Success Coach; and veteran benefits information.